Current Projects


The fact that dementia is one of the greatest challenges of the future is evident in the face of the World Alzheimer's Report. The personal history of the patients plays an important role in the care of people with dementia, since it is a valuable...

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Photo: Picture frame with two pictures of a senior citizen playing Baseball with a child.

FitDaheim – Research that makes you move

Everyone wants a high degree of quality of life - also and particularly in old age. From the age of 65 onwards restrictions in the movement apparatus are noticeable; from the age of 70, every second person complains about mobility restrictions....

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Photo: Senior does gymnastics in front of TV

Feasibility study for mouth operated control devices

The United Nations estimate that there are a total of 650 million people with disabilities worldwide. The 2.6 million people in Europe alone suffer from impairments of their upper ex-tremities and about half of them, 1.3 million people use assistive...

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Photo: A man in a wheel chair - Prof. Sang-Mook Lee - communicates with the IntegraMouse Plus - a mouth controlled device by LIFEool


Mastering the language is a fundamental prerequisite for social development, school learning, a successful career and life. According to the results of the Idsteiners speech screening for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years and school...

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Photo: Laughing child leafing through a book, Fit4Speech, LIFEtool

Welding Interaction in Future Industry

© Fronius International GmbH 2014 Welding requires high precision and usually the use of both hands for guidance of the welding torch. Thus, the adjustment of various parameters, such as welding current or filler material, is not possible or is...

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Photo: copyright fronius; "Welding Interaction in Future Industry" R&D project in cooperation with FH- Hagenberg, Fronius and LIFEtool


This project has set itself the goal to build an infrastructure that allows companies, organisations and people to develop products and solutions for people with special needs in a simple and cost-saving way. Motivation Worldwide, more...

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Photo: Young girl with headset and micro, project: Prosperity4All