FlashWords AAC

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FlashWords is an app for the Early Reading method which is successfully applied in the education of children with Down Syndrome or a delayed development that also affects speech development. 


FlashWords AAC is available in 2 versions:

  • In Flashwords AAC the editor can be bought by In-App purchase
  • In FlashWords PRO the editor is already unlocked

FlashWords is based on the concept described in the series Small Steps, Early Reading. This Early Intervention Program was developed by the Special Education Center, at the Macquarie University in Sydney. They consider that reading is only a positive side effect. 

The app contains the basic exercise Learn Words for acquiring new words and five games for consolidating the words.

With the help of an editor you can define new words. Thousands of speech recordings are provided, but you can also use your own recordings.

The acquired words are collected in a list, which documents the progress made.

In order to let multiple players use the app, FlashWords offers a user manager. Individual word lists and settings can be saved and resumed quickly.


  • Speech and communication development
  • Reading training (whole words)

Fields of operation

  •  Early Intervention
  • Children with delayed/hindered speech development (e.g. Down Syndrom)
  • Children and adults with learning disabilities
  • AAC

Compatible switch adapters (without any claim to completeness):
Blue2, APPlicator, Simply Works (Enter or Space)