SwitchTrainer - an app to train the handling of 1 or 2 switches

Screenshot: SwitchTrainer App (Anwendung für Tablet PC)

SwitchTrainer is an app designed to learn how to use one or two switches. The app offers a special feature, i.e. that the touchscreen itself may be used for scan operation instead of external switches (Touch-Scanning). The entire screen or the screen divided into two halves will then work like switches. Furthermore, SwitchTrainer is perfectly suited for learning to use a touchscreen. The target groups are children with physical impairments or with a learning disability.
Apart from having fun with playing, it is the aim of the program to automatize the use of one or two switches to finally be able to use 2-switch-scanning. The different games offer a range of possibilities to learn, train and implement the use of 2 switches or the handling of the touchscreen. The player’s self-initiative and learning by doing are the key issues rather than reacting to given tasks and solving of exercises.

Six games are available:

  • Animations
  • Make a choice
  • Monkey playground
  • Dress up the mouse
  • Orchestra
  • Hide and seek

Fields of operation

Nursery school, Early intervention
Switch training
Children with physical impairments
Computer games

Operating modes

External keyboard (Space and Enter)
Scanning with 1 or 2 external switches
Touch-Scanning: iPad Screen can be used as one or two switches
Touch Exit
Touch Enter

Compatible switch adapters

Blue2, APPlicator, Switch2Scan, SimplyWorks (Enter or Space)