TouchMe Pairs Pro

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TouchMe Pairs is a variation of the popular game “Find pairs“ with different setting options and switch operation, if needed.

The program may be played in three different modes:

  • Cards face up
  • Cards face down
  • Cards face down with limited amount of time

The exercise settings may be with pictures, text and sound. Depending on the settings, different combinations may be selected in addition to the classic mode (match pictures), e.g. matching sound and picture, matching text and sound, and many more.

The free basic version contains two sets of cards: animal sounds and vehicles. With the provided editor (In-App purchase) you can easily create your personal card sets. 

The numerous setting options allow for a perfect adjustment to special needs. Furthermore, the program may be operated via scanning, e.g. with external switches. Alternatively, the screen of the iPad may also be used as switch 

NOTE: Press the Home button and start the app again, to get back to the main screen of the app. 


  • Fun and games
  • Concentration and anticipation training 
  • Training of switch use

Fields of operation

  • Early intervention
  • Children and adults with physical impairments 
  • Children and adults with learning disabilities 
  • Playing

Compatible switch adapters
(without any claim to completeness)

Blue2, APPlicator, Simply Works (Enter or Space).

Screenshot: TouchMe Pairs: Finding pairs
Screenshot: TouchMe Pairs: Uns scanning
Screenshot: TouchMe Pairs: Editor
Screenshot: TouchMe Pairs: Settings
Screenshot: TouchMe Pairs: Exchange via Dropbox

Video: TouchMe Pairs