TouchMe PuzzleKlick Pro

TouchMe PuzzleKlick Pro is an easy and funny puzzle game for children and adults. Compared to the initial version TouchMe PuzzleKlick, the Pro version offers the new function of an editor to include your own pictures, audios and videos!

The game itself is very easy and motivating. Pressing an external switch (not included) or the touchscreen will uncover one part of a hidden picture. As soon as the first parts of the pictures are revealed, the players get curious. What is it? Who can guess right first? As soon as the entire picture is visible, a matching sound will be played.

The app contains a total of 25 different pictures and sounds from the following categories: music, animals and commodity items.

In the Settings the pattern of uncovering and the number of necessary steps may be chosen freely. Choose from rectangles, stripes or a funny pixel mode.


First experience in working with a switch/ a touchscreen
Fun with playing and guessing 
Training of attention/ anticipation

To be used for

Early intervention
Visual training
Children and adults with physical impairments
Children and adults with learning disabilities

Compatible switch adapters

Blue2, APPlicator, Switch2Scan, SimplyWorks (Enter or Space)

Screenshot: TouchMe PuzzleKlick Kacheln
Screenshot: TouchMe PuzzleKlick Streifen
Screenshot: TouchMe PuzzleKlick Pixel
Screenshot: TouchMe PuzzleKlick Startseite