TouchMe Trainer Pro

TouchMe Trainer is a program to learn and improve the handling of a touchscreen. 

TouchMe Trainer is available in two versions: 
TouchMe Trainer offers 9 additional animations via In-App purchase. TouchMe Trainer Pro already includes all animations. 

 The program offers two different games:

  • Game 1: “Touch”
    The aim of Game 1 “Touch” is to recognize the presented object and to touch it. Every correct input will be confirmed with a short feedback. After a predefined number of correct clicks a reward animation will be started. The level of difficulty will adjust automatically to the skills of the player. At the beginning the objects are big but they will be reduced in size gradually.
  • Game 2: “Drag and drop”
    The aim of Game 2 “Drag and drop” is to move objects to their target position by swiping over the screen. As in Game 1 the level of difficulty will adjust automatically. 


The program includes 10 different objects and animations. Numerous setting options allow for a perfect adaptation to special needs. 

The latest game sessions will be recorded and may be used for documentation and/or evaluation. 

Note: To exit the game, press the Home button and restart the app. 


  • Training of handling a touch-screen
  • Fun and joy of the game
  • Attention-/Anticipationtraining

To be used for

  • Training of touchscreen handling
  • Fun with gaming
  • Training of attention and anticipation
    Screenshot: Rewardanimation bee
    Screenshot: Exercise touch
    Screenshot: Exercise drag
    Screenshot: Evaluation of exercise drag
    Screenshot: Settings