TouchMe UnColor Pro

Icon: TouchMe UnColour Pro

A program to train the handling of a touchscreen. TouchMe UnColor Pro is a first app for children and adults to uncover pictures. Compared to the initial version TouchMe Uncolor, the Pro version offers the following new functions:



  • Editor to include own pictures, audios and videos
  • Advanced setting options

The game itself is very easy and motivating. Moving (Swiping) over the screen will uncover the hidden picture. As soon as parts of the picture are visible, the player will get curious. What is it? Will I manage to uncover the entire picture? Once most of the picture has been uncovered, the rest of it will be revealed automatically. In the settings the game may be adjusted to the needs of the user. With the editor you may include and use own pictures, audios and videos.


  • First experience in working with a touchscreen
  • Training of eye-hand-coordination
  • Fun and joy with own pictures, audios and videos.

To be used for

  • Children and infants
  • Early intervention Games
  • Children with physical impairments
  • Children and adults with learning difficulties

Video: TouchMe Uncolour / Edit and Settings

Video: TouchMe Uncolour / User Mode

Screenshot: TouchMe UnColor Pro: LIFEtool Animation wipe
Screenshot: TouchMe UnColor Pro: Editor
Screenshot: TouchMe UnColor Pro: wipe image
Screenshot: TouchMe UnColor Pro: wipe own image
Screenshot: TouchMe UnColor Pro: Settings