Educational software

From the very beginning until today LIFEtool has been developing a variety of educational software for people with special needs. Within an interdisciplinary team of engineers, pedagogues, and therapists software applications for different areas have been developed, such as: 

  • Early intervention and games
  • Acquisition of culture techniques
  • Language promotion, learning about real-life educational content
  • Improvement of concentration
  • Improvement of working memory performance
  • Support in learning disorders

Software applications developed by LIFEtool are distinguished by valuable educational content, motivating feedback and offer a variety of settings. A particular emphasis is set on intuitive, simple and logical operation. A scanning capability of the software - a feature that enables people with physical disabilities, to use the applications with a switch - is one of the key elements of the extensive configuration options. The programs have been translated into 16 languages.

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International distribution partners 
Distribution partners in Austria, Germany and Switzerland (D-A-CH)

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Please, find following information about our best known and most popular software programs:

CD-Cover: Computerprograme SwitchTrainer

SwitchTrainer is a program for learning how to handle 2 switches in computer operation. It was mainly designed for physically impaired children with or without a learning disability. 

Apart from having fun, it is the object of the program to teach the use of 2 switches so that computer games operated via 2 Switch scanning mode can be handled. SwitchTrainer may generally be operated with one switch and the automatic scanning mode, the focus, however, is on 2-Switch operation. 

CD-Cover: Computerprograme AboutNumbers

AboutNumbers is a math game dealing with counting, quantities, numbers and numeracy in the number domain up to 10. An important feature throughout the entire program is the structured representation of quantities (2 lines and 5 columns) to facilitate non-counting strategies of recognizing quantities, the understanding of the relation among numbers and the notion of numbers in general.

CD-Cover: Computerprograme ShowMe

ShowMe AAC 2.0 is a program that is used to learn and practice terms. Apart from a great number of terms of everyday life (about 350) which are grouped according to special topics, the program also offers material for the subjects Colours, Shapes, Size, Letters, Numbers, Sets and The Clock. The terms are supplied with drawings, photos and PCS. The great variety of setting options available allows for a perfect adaptation to the needs of the users.


CD-Cover: Computerprograme KonZen 2.0

KonZen 2.0 is the follow-up of the successful visual training program Kon-Zen. With the three different playing modes available – “Quick Fit”, “Matching Pairs” and “Flash Figures” – the skills in optical differentiation, position in space, short-term memory, attention and concentration will be trained and eventually improved.