Software Development

Interdisciplinary Development

The people with disabilities, their needs and capabilities remain the center point of the entire development process. Within an interdisciplinary team of experts from the fields of technology and education software requirements for different areas and apps are developed together with internal users. These areas are:

  • Early intervention and games
  • Acquisition of culture techniques
  • Language promotion, learning about real-life educational content
  • Improvement of concentration
  • Improvement of working memory performance
  • Support in learning disorders

We attach importance to intuitive operation, and a simple and logical operation for people with special needs.


We translate LIFEtool software into many languages,  including: German, English (BE and AE), Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish (also SP_MX), Portuguese (also PT_BR), Greek, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech and Polish.

Cross-Platform Development

Our software projects are future-orientated developed and run cross-platform. They feature IOs and Windows. Our applications can be found in the App stores of the above mentioned platforms as well as on USB stick and CD in the web shop of LIFEtool Solutions.


All of our software developments are subject to intensive and extensive testing. These include automated unit tests, expert tests and tests with our end-users. Thus, help us to achieve the best possible results, so our applications run stable.