Touchless input systems for people with disabilities / Project completed

Touchless input systems for people with disabilities

Photo: young man operates Computer with  Junger Mann steuert mit  finger movements.

This project is a study project that investigates new, touchless input methods for people with disabilities. The aim is to control the computer for people with disabilities using touchless input systems.


LIFEtool has been involved in the development of special learning and training programmes for people with disabilities for many years. In the ATLab research project, a framework is being developed for the targeted creation of special apps for people with disabilities on currently available tablets and PCs.

The latest development in the input area is currently the Leap Motion Controller. The small device enables touch-free gesture control of Windows PCs and Macs - and adapted applications and games running on them. A new version of the Kinect is to be launched by Microsoft.

These technology trends have great potential for barrier-free access to computers, especially for people with disabilities.


  • Controlling the computer for people with disabilities by means of touch-free input systems
  • For which forms of disability can a contactless input system be used as an adequate input medium and how?
  • Requirements, potentials and limitations of a touchless gesture control system are to be demonstrated.
  • Realisation and evaluation of prototypes
  • Integration into the ATLab framework to enable an easy and quick creation of prototypes.

Target group/beneficiaries

Our main target group are persons with motoric disabilities, for whom the operation of a computer via keyboard/mouse is not or hardly possible.

  • Contact

    FH Hagenberg: Bernhard Manfred Gruber, Katharina Liedl

    LIFEtool: Karl Kaser, Thomas Burger


    30.10.2013 - 01.06.2014

  • Project Type

    Cooperation project
  • Support Program

    no support program