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Development of multimedia materials for the early promotion of the pronunciation of children aged 4 to 7 years

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Mastering the language is a fundamental prerequisite for social development, school learning, a successful career and life. According to the results of the Idsteiners speech screening for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years and school enrolment, 16.3% of all children in Germany are affected by speech disorders. The results of the BIFIE language assessment (2008) show that 23% of kindergarten children in Austria, who are 15 months before entering school, need support from specific support actions in order to catch up with their deficits in the linguistic area until school entrance.

These children cannot build the sounds of the target language or use them correctly. Children with pronunciation problems have an increased risk of developing disorders in spelling and literacy.

In the German-speaking world, either articulatory oriented or phonologically oriented approaches are currently being used to overcome pronunciation problems. Studies from the Anglo-American area indicate the need to promote articulation broad-based, in a multi-sensory and target group-specific way. A key role in the development of pronunciation is played by informed parents, educators and language teachers.


Image: Modulus of concept, Fit4Speech, LIFEtoolThe aim of the project is the development of materials in German language for the multi-sensory promotion of the pronunciation of children aged 3 to 6 years. The materials consist of a mobile app for commercially available tablets as well as target group specific guidelines for parents, language teachers, kindergarten teachers and speech therapists. The various advantages and possible uses cases of a tablet are applied. This makes it possible to design an individualized, motivating, location-independent learning environment.

The overall solution, consisting of an app with its individual modules and the target group-specific guidelines, enables parents as well as teachers to support the child's pronunciation very effectively. On the one hand, the app offers them a tool which motivates the children to deal intensively and independently with the focused linguistic structures. On the other hand, exercises and games are presented, which allow for promotion in everyday situations (picture book viewing, shopping, eating, etc.).


Within the framework of the Fit4Speech project, a comprehensive support concept is developed and implemented on the basis of evidence-based therapy approaches for the intervention of phonological delays and disorders. It implements the various advantages and possible use cases of a tablet.

Cooperation Partner

  • FH Gesundheitsberufe OÖ GmbH
  • Logopädische Praxis Eva Maria Bukowski
  • Reinhard Freinschlag
  • TRAUNER Verlag + Buchservice GmbH
  • Contact

    Isabel Karlhuber
    T +43 732 99 70 56 5212


    01.01. 2017 - 31.12. 2018



  • Project Type

    National Project
  • Support Program

    The development of "Der Sprachforscher" was made possible by the Fit4Speech research project. This project was funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and carried out within the COIN Cooperation and Networks program of the FFG (The Austrian Research Promotion Agency).

    "Der Sprachforscher" was developed by:
    LIFEtool gemeinnützige GmbH, TRAUNER VERLAG, FH Gesundheitsberufe OÖ, speech therapy practice Eva Bukowsky, Roland Freinschlag (video production), CCP Studio (sound).