HOMEdotOLD / Project completed

EU project for the expansion of social contacts of elderly people

Photo: A Woman is testing HOMEdotOLD program on her TV-set

The aim is to develop a TV-based platform that offers cost-effective, highly personalized and intuitive services. The social interaction of elderly within their own homes should be further stimulated by improving the quality of life and joy.


Higher quality of life for seniors and more pleasure in their own homes is the target of the EU AAL project HOMEdotOLD. Together with renowned partners  LIFEtool works on a new platform for a TV-based, intuitive, usable service environment in order to motivate elderly for active participation in life and at the same time to strengthen their social network. In this context, the use of TV, which feels very familiar to seniors, seems to be of capital importance, much more than  e.g.  use of a PC.


The main goal is to equip the classic TV with new features so that elderly can cultivate their social contacts from their living room. Via "personalized headlines" an easy access is provided to regional, national, European and global news.

In addition, there should be a "Smart Calendar", which allows a comparison of the schedule with friends and family. The Skype application  enables seniors to communicate with their beloved ones  via video link. Additionally it is possible to exchange photos and videos with family and friends.

Within the second pilot phase, the system is tested at the participant’s homes. The users can test the HOMEdotOLD system, which runs on a setup-box for the duration of four weeks. LIFEtool conducts the evaluation in form of interviews and questionnaires. The applications are tested in 8 Upper Austrian households. Those end-users, who participated in the first pilot phase, provided valuable feedback to improve the user-friendliness of the system.

The HOMEdotOLD software development team incorporates the valuable feedback of the participants in the further development. The goal is to complete a market-oriented, user-friendly prototype by the end of June 2012.

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Cooperation Partner

  • SingularLogic S.A
  • PHILIPS Consumer Lifestyle B.V.
  • 3/3 Society
  • National Foundation for the Elderly
  • Contact

    Stefan Schürz BSc
    T +43 664 235 17 43


    01.07.2010 - 30.06.2012

  • Project Type

    Internationales Kooperationsprojekt
  • Support Program

  • “I have chosen LIFEtool as a partner in HOMEdotOLD, because of the excellent access to end users that LIFEtool has. LIFEtool is an excellent partner also because of the personal commitment that each team member demonstrates and their highly supportive attitude towards the project. All in all, working with LIFEtool has been a highly positive experience.” Gianna Tsakou, Analyst/Project Manager, SingularLogic S.A.