Medical EDUcation in Surgical Aneurysm clipping

Photo: LIFEtool research project MEDUSA, Figure of a head with a free brain, Shutterstock Photo

The human brain is our most complex organ, whose disease-related damage has serious consequences for patients. The surgical treatment of neurological diseases, such as cerebral hemorrhages, is extremely difficult because target areas are often embedded in highly functional and complex tissue structures. Only high technology and exceptional cognitive and motor skills of neurosurgeons make interventions possible. Strengthening both components is at the heart of the MEDUSA project.

Project objective

The aim of the MEDUSA consortium is to develop a revolutionary training and planning platform for neurosurgeons to simulate complex brain interventions in detail and in full. The strengthening of cognitive and motor skills of surgeons and the development of new technologies are the focus of the concept and should significantly increase patient safety. A hybrid simulation approach will make it possible to perform interventions on artificially created brains including artificial tissue, while internal anatomical structures, such as blood vessels, extend the simulation environment virtually in the form of holograms. The challenging and extensive project is only possible due to the synergistic bundling of competencies in neurosurgery, neuroscience, medical technology and artificial intelligence, which will be used to realize the lighthouse project for the Upper Austrian economy.

In MEDUSA, LIFEtool is exploring the possibilitie of an additional hands-free input option for surgeons and will consider all (functional) impairments and requirements that have been identified during prototype production.

Cooperation Partner

  • RISC Software GmbH - Unit Medizin Informatik
  • Alpha Medical Concepts e.U.
  • cortEXplore GmbH
  • EVO-tech GmbH
  • FH-OÖ Forschungs- und Entwicklungs GmbH - Forschungsgruppe ReSSL
  •  IPPE Johannes Kepler Universität - Institute of Polymer Product Engineering
  • Johannes Kepler Universität - Institut für Polymerwissenschaften
  • KUK-NC Universitätsklinik für Neurochirurgie am Kepleruniversitätsklinikum
  • Eulerian-solutions e.U.
  • Netural GmbH
  • Profactor GmbH
  • RISC Software GmbH - Unit Medizin Informatik
  • R'n'B Medical Software Consulting GmbH
  • Contact

    Mag.a Isabel Karlhuber
    Head of Research
    Phone +43 664 620 76 15


    01.07.2019 - 30.06.2023

  • Project Type

    Upper Austrian lead project medical technology
  • Support Program

    This project was funded by the province of Upper Austria within the framework of the initiative Strategic Economic and Research Programme Innovative Upper Austria 2020.