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With one click: Need-based, social support for older people for more autonomy, living comfort and health

Photo: Laughing elderly lady in front of the TV set; LIFEtool research project MEK, Shutterstock photo

Society is currently undergoing a major demographic change. The proportion of people over 80 is increasing significantly and, according to studies, the majority of Austrians want to spend the rest of their lives within their own four walls, whereby good social contacts with family, neighbours and friends are very important.
The time is ripe - intelligent and simple AAL systems will find their way into our lives, because previous AAL pilot projects have shown that people accept easy to use systems that provide security and promote social contacts. The challenge is therefore to consistently simplify AAL technology to enhance the quality of life, social contacts and health of older people.

Aim of the project

MEK relies on proven and stable technologies and bundles them into an innovative and easy-to-use solution with a "social button" in the centre. This "social button" is connected to a TV set and thus the interface between people in old age and the family. If no person in the family can be reached, the call is forwarded to volunteers. Optionally, people in old age can also use the system to establish a connection to the digital ordination and (with the support of the family or volunteers) order meals on wheels, therapies and services. The TV set, however, primarily inspires people in old age to participate in contacts and events in "real life" in the regional environment. The vision of the project is to promote the greatest possible autonomy in life, health and well-being in old age, to secure social contacts and to promote voluntary help.

Cooperation Partner

  • Youtoo GmbH
  • Linz Strom Gas Wärme GmbH
  • Ordensklinikum Linz
  • Netural GmbH
  • Unabhängiges LandesFreiwilligenzentrum - ULF
  • Ocilion IPTV Technologies
  • Contact

    Mag.a Isabel Karlhuber
    Head of Research
    Phone +43 664 620 76 15


    01.09.2019 - 28.02.2022

  • Project Type

    National Program
  • Support Program


    This project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) and was funded within the framework of the programme ICT of the Future - Benefit: Demographic Change as an Opportunity, Call for Proposals 2018 of the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency).