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A concept for running a test-region sustainably as a social business

Photo: An elderly testing an AAL solution at home

The aim of MOSES is to setup a concept for running a test-region in the field of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) - assistive technologies, mHealth and eHealth - in a cost-effective and sustainable way for NPOs as a social business. By this it will be possible to run user-centered research and development activities including end-users in the early innovation process. The aim is to provide a central and working test-environment for national and international technology partners in the long term. MOSES opens the field of technology development and research to a newly empowered player: End-user organisations - which will benefit from a methodological and quality-assured way to integrate their needs and requirements within the development process of future AAL solutions. MOSES paves the way for Austria to strengthen its role as first contact point in the field of AAL on a national and international level.


Currently, the participation in a test-region as a direct partner is hardly efficient and cost intensive for an end-user organisation. Also most available solutions are far away of being practicable or useful at all from end-user perspective. Further, the implementation of project results at end-user organisations is underestimated and the awareness for the potential of new technologies is nearly missing. An additional problem is that the expectations on both sides cannot be met.


MOSES shall provide methodological, quality assured test sides for new technologies.
MOSES will create a service concept for developers.
MOSES serves the interaction and communication between developers, end users and crucial stakeholders.

The expected result consists of a social business model concept for running a test-region at a cost-effective level. The recovery of costs for end-user organisations should be given, because they hardly possess investment funds. In long term the project consortium focusses on more end-user organisations, which start future orientated work and get involved in research and development processes.  

Target Group

End-user organisations which want to intensify their own research activities and therefor want to build up a methodological, quality-assured test-region or participate in a test-region.

National and international technology partners whose future orientated solutions underlie an end-user-centered development process and therefor want to involve a quality-assured test region.

Cooperation Partner

  • Johanniter Österreich Ausbildung und Forschung gem. GmbH

Associated Partners:

  • Diakoniewerk Gallneukirchen
  • Miteinander Leben GmbH
  • Eurodiaconia
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    Isabel Karlhuber
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    T +43 732 99 70 56 5212 


    01.10.2014 - 30.05.2015

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    National Project
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