PC control via Microsoft Kinect / Project completed

PC control via Microsoft Kinect for children with disabilities

Photo: young man operates PC via Microsoft Kinect

The aim of the project is to analyse the control of the computer for children with disabilities using Microsoft Kinect. It is to be investigated how Microsoft Kinect can be used in a favourable way, i.e. for which forms of disability Microsoft Kinect can be used as a sensible input medium.


The latest development on the "gaming market" is currently the Microsoft Kinect. This is a motion sensor that is connected to the Microsoft game console "Xbox 360" and placed in front of the TV in order to play various games without any input devices such as joysticks, controllers, etc. This technology trend from the field of "gaming" is currently being developed. This technology trend from the field of sensor technology holds great potential for barrier-free access to computers, especially for children with disabilities.


Furthermore, it is to be researched which adaptations of programmes are necessary for the integration of Microsoft Kinect.

If it turns out that existing programmes cannot be usefully extended, simple prototype applications will be realised, whereby the potentials and limits of Microsoft Kinect as an input medium for children with disabilities are to be worked out and the software-technical effort is to be further clearly analysed.

Target group/beneficiaries

  • Children with physical and mental disabilities



  • Contact

    Karl Kaser
    Project coordinator

  • Project Type

    National project
  • Support Program