SALSA / Project completed

Supporting an Active Lifestyle for Seniors through an innovative App-based system for Fitness and Physiotherapy

Photo: LIFEtool research project SALSA, two seniors in fitness outfit and Yoga mattress

Physical activity is known to improve many of the factors associated with ageing and helps older adults to maintain their well-being, functional ability and independence. However, maintaining an active lifestyle or recovering from injury/illness is a challenge, especially for the elderly, motivation is a key factor.


SALSA supplies a smart, app-based-solution that optionally includes sensors to support physiotherapy and all aspects of starting and maintaining an active lifestyle for older adults age 55+ with or without the supervision of a physiotherapist. Sport clubs, gyms and institutions who want to promote an active lifestyle in their local communities and insurance companies were identified as important stakeholders. In order to design the necessary functionalities, the different end-user groups are involved throughout the project. This co-design focuses on usability and user experience, as well as service and business model design.

Unique selling proposition 

  • SALSA specifically targets at seniors in terms of design, functionality and content underpinned by gamification elements which boost motivation and adherence
  • SALSA offers comprehensive social community and scheduling functions, which increase motivation, connection and community building.
  • SALSA offers content that appeals to users of all fitness levels which ensures personalisation and adaptability.
  • SALSA integrates sensors that allow an in-depth evaluation of movements for feedback used in video exercises and exergames.
  • SALSA offers special functionalities for therapeutic use that deliver more information about the lient’s state, which leads to an increase of quality of treatment.
  • SALSA offers clinically evidenced games/exercises and successful solutions.

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Cooperation Partner

  • Netural GmbH (AUT)
  • Youtoo GmbH (AUT)
  • Mira (RO)
  • National Foundation for the Elderly (NL)
  • Roessingh Research and Development (NL)
  • terzStiftung (CH)
  • University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions in Upper Austria (Subcontractor)
  • Contact

    Mag.a Isabel Karlhuber
    Head of Research
    Phone +43 664 620 76 15


    01.02.2019 - 30.04.2022

  • Project Type

    European project
  • Support Program


    This project is funded by the bmvit and carried out within the framework of the benefit programme of the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency).