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Special Education Needs Network

Photo: A teacher points out to an exercise on the screen

In the context of the network project SENNET a network of ministries of education and national stakeholders will be established. This focuses on how technologies can be used to integrate pupils with special educational needs (SEN) in mainstream education.


For this purpose studies and case studies will be developed that deal with the following topics:

  • Assessment of pupils with SEN
  • Use of digital tools
  • Resources of pupils with SEN and their teachers

In addition new (virtual) learning environments and multimedia materials will be made available to students. Last but not least, a special focus is placed on the teacher education: Appropriate e-learning modules will be developed and tested in practice by selected teachers.


Through the provision of relevant case studies, materials and online courses for teachers

  • troubles and challenges in the work of pupils with SEN should be shown
  • barriers around their integration should be dismantled.

Target Group/Beneficiaries

Our main target group are teachers and pupils with special educational needs.

Cooperation Partner

  • European Schoolnet (Koordinator),
  • Eureka Die-`s-lekti-kus (BE),
  • Education Group GmbH (AT),
  • ANSAS (IT),
  • Tiger Leap Foundation (EE),
  • General Direction for Innovation and Curricular Development (PT),
  • UNI-C (DK), MoNE (TR)

Project Website

  • Contact

    Education Group GmbH
    Mag. Ursula Simmetsberger, MBA  

    Mag. Thomas Burger
    T +43 732 99 70 56 5204


    03.10.2011 - 02.10.2014

  • Project Type

    Cooperation Project
  • Support Program

    Europäische Kommission Comenius

    European Commission (COMENIUS Multilateral networks)