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A SOCIALCARE network for citizen empowerment and care support in local communities

Photo: User tests; young woman with senior

The aim of the SOCIALCARE project is to provide a set of guidelines, best practices and technological tools for a sustainable social care network by empowered citizens in local communities that supports older people. The project should help in order to bring innovative technological solutions and citizen empowerment together. When older people are becoming frailer and are in need of care they can receive extensive support from the community. Volunteers, neighbors and family members help older people at local level to live longer independently at home. At the same time, older people are often the most active contributors to their community as they see the imminent need for a more sustainable care and wellbeing system.


Within the current economic climate with cutbacks in care and social wellbeing, the main motivation is that citizens and older people can take control of their own community and neighborhood and support each other to provide for wellbeing and care services. Moreover the people know better what their problems are themselves and can find more efficient solutions at local level than the public government.



The SOCIALCARE community platform (SCP) should bring people together in the place where they live. The platform should make it possible to exchange offers on demand and to organize volunteering work at local level in a community. It is a local tool where people, associations and service providers can publish their offers and demands. In addition to that it is a place where people are involved in their neighborhood and become an active citizen, independently of age.

Target Group

Seniors (60+) who want to offer voluntary work for others as well as older people in need for care or other services.

Relatives, informal- and formal caregivers

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Cooperation Partner

  • National Foundation for the Elderly
  • Eerste Verdieping
  • FH OÖ Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH
  • Johanniter
  • Ingeniería y Soluciones Informáticas Atos 
  • Worldline Spain
  • Johanniter International
  • Contact

    Stefan Schürz BSc
    T +43 664 235 17 43


    01.05. 2015 - 31.12. 2017

  • Project Type

    European Project
  • Support Program


    Funding agency FFG benefit with financial resources of bmvit