Tablet-PC and apps / Project completed

Tablet-PC and apps for Children with disabilities

Photo: child operates iPad

The aim of the project is to make the world of tablet PCs and apps accessible to children with disabilities in the future and also to develop and make available appropriate learning and training apps for people with disabilities.


Tablet PCs - these touch devices are light and handy and therefore especially good for mobile use. Some tablet computers can also be used as phones. But what would tablet PCs be without the fascinating world of apps! These touch-sensitive devices can be equipped with apps at will and adapted to each person's personal preferences.

Since these devices are operated with the finger (possibly pen), this represents a barrier to use by people with disabilities. This would deny them the use of new technology trends such as "tablet PCs" and access to the impressive "apps experience world". Especially the possibility to use learning and training programmes in the "slim" "app" format represents a great potential for children with intellectual disabilities.


The focus is on the development and evaluation of the tablet PC application for people with disabilities.

Based on existing LIFEtool software programmes, these are to be analysed and a concept for use on a tablet PC is to be created, taking into account the special requirements of people with disabilities.

In particular, it will be investigated what added value the use of tablet PCs offers compared to conventional computer systems for people with disabilities (operation, learning success, motivation,...).

Prototypes are to be developed in the project, which will then be tested and evaluated together with users.

Target group/beneficiaries

  • children with physical and mental disabilities

  • Contact

    Karl Kaser
    Project coordinator

  • Project Type

    National project
  • Support Program