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Visual Tracking Application for LIFEtool

Photo: Child in a wheelchair operating computer with eye tracking

Eye control systems are used in certain cases in the counselling of people with disabilities. In recent years, these systems have improved to the point where they are suitable for everyday use in often the most difficult conditions.


Besides a Swedish manufacturer (Tobii Technology; Tobii PC Eye Go), which has made a name for itself with highly specified products in the field of assistive technologies, there are now also much cheaper eye control systems that seem to provide the same functions. For example, the EyeTribe system or the KinesicMouse.   

The question is to what extent these systems are really competitive, especially for people with disabilities.


is to develop a master thesis focussing on the operation of computers for people with disabilities by means of different eye control systems. Within the framework of this project, it should be analysed how the systems can be used, i.e. for which forms of disability one or the other system can be used better and more sensibly. For this purpose, it would be desirable to compare the different systems in practice, to test them on possible users and to develop a procedure that makes the differences between the systems objectifiable.

The result should support the LIFEtool counselling of people with disabilities in order to select the individually right product.

Cooperation Partner

Final report PDF (6/2015)
(in German language)

  • FH Hagenberg, Communication and Knowledge Media
  • FH Hagenberg, Software Engineering
    Supervisors: Dr. Josef Altmann, Dr. Mirjam Augstein, Dr. Werner Kurschl
  • EDV-Werkstätte Hagenberg des Diakoniewerkes Gallneukirchen
  • Contact

    Mag. Thomas Burger
    Pedagogical management
    T +43 732 99 70 56 5204 


    30.10.2014 - 01.06.2015

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    Cooperation project
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