VRC - Voice Remote Control / Project completed

Based on an idea of Franz Josef Huainigg a prototype for controlling IR-Devices (TV, Radio, …) should be created.

Photo: Young male infront of a screen with demo version of VRC-app

The goal of this project was to enable the control of TVs with mobile phones via voice.


People with special needs, especially physically impaired persons, often face big problems to control their environment. A standard remote control, which mainly works with infrared signals, is difficult to handle and represents a confusing hurdle in everyday life. But currently there is no affordable solution available, which enables infrared environment control. By using commercial smartphones in combination with well-established technique in speech-recognition, high acquisition costs can be avoided. Additionally the configuration costs can get minimized.


  • The system allows a physically impaired persons to control infrared-devices like TVs, radios, etc. independently by voice control.
  • The development of a prototype.
  • Testing the prototype with persons of the target group.
  • After the prototype phase, the app should be available in the Google Play Store.

Target group / Beneficiaries

Our main target group includes physically impaired people with good verbal expression.

Award winning app

Within the Austrian competition „Clash of the Apps“, which searches for the best app-ideas in the social field, the Voice Remote Control reached the first place. 

In autumn 2014 the android version of the app can be free downloaded from the google play store. 

Cooperation Partner

  • FH Hagenberg, Mobile Computing. Studiengangsleiter: FH-Prof. DI Dr. Christoph Schaffer (Betreuung im 6. Semester); Thomas Birn Bsc Msc, im 5. Semester.
  • Contact

    Thomas Jetzinger  | FH Hagenberg

    Support at LIFEtool: Mag. Thomas Burger, thomas.burger@lifetool.at

  • Project Type

    cooperation, undergraduate studies
  • Support Program

    no sponsorship