WheelSim – Otto Bock / Project completed

The virtual power wheelchair simulator

Screenshot: Power wheelchair simulator for computer

"WheelSim" simulates the behaviour of an electric wheelchair on the computer - with the aim of learning and training how to control it. With the development of this programme, it is possible for affected children and young people, but also adults with disabilities and people of old age, to prepare themselves in a barrier-free, virtual environment for getting into or changing over to the operation of an electric wheelchair. In addition, it is possible to diagnose and train individual physical, cognitive, auditory and visual performance as a prerequisite for controlling an electronically controlled wheelchair.


WheelSim is intended to support the learning of power wheelchair control through computer simulation. Furthermore, the
safety on the road should be increased. Due to its detailed evaluations, the programme also serves to support diagnostics and therapy, but can also be used as a simple game of skill.

Target group/beneficiaries

  • early intervention, pre-school
  • special school, in integrative lessons
  • people with physical disabilities
  • people with learning disabilities
  • children and young people in wheelchairs
  • wheelchair companies: simulation and decision support

Cooperation Partner

  • Enova GesmbH
  • Contact

    Karl Kaser
    Project coordinator

  • Project Type

    National contract research
  • Support Program

    Behalf of Otto Bock